Urine and Saliva Drug Testing

Urine – Urine drug testing is used to determine whether someone is misusing drugs by taking a sample of their urine and analysing it for particular substances. Urine drug testing is particularly suited to workplace testing. It offers a simple sample screening approach with immediate results.

Urine drug testing is the most commonly used form of testing as its period of detection is up to approximately 4 days, although this can depend on the particular substance taken.

The Instant Urine screening cup has been specifically designed for ease of use and accuracy. The Cup has a built in temperature strip to validate the urine temperature and also incorporates adulterant panels to check for specimen integrity. These testing cups are available in various multi-drug combinations.

This form of testing can be particularly useful for on site / point of care testing as an immediate negative result may mean that no further action is necessary. A non-negative result may require confirmation testing from the laboratory in order to determine exactly what substance was taken and in what quantities.

Saliva – Oral Fluid

This simple and easy to use, “oral” drug test can be used anywhere. The entire test takes approximately 5 minutes and has a detection window of up to 48 hours (dependant on the substance taken).

How does it work? A large swab is placed inside an individual’s mouth to soak up sufficient saliva. After a sufficient amount of saliva is collected the swab is then placed into a tamper proof unit. A screening panel will then display a line if any of the drugs screened for are present.


  • Step 1:Ensure donor has had nothing to eat, drink or smoke 10 minutes prior to testing
  • Step 2:Place swab in mouth and collect oral fluid sample
  • Step 3:Volume indicator will turn red when sufficient sample has been collected
  • Step 4:Place swab into test device
  • Step 5:Screw down lid until fully locked
  • Step 6:Read results at 10 minutes

Pre-employment Testing

Are you hiring? We offer a pre-employment Drug & Alcohol Testing service meaning we can screen abusers before they become employees. It’s the most effective way of preventing future problems in your work place.

Random Testing

Do you want to deter employees from Drug and/or Alcohol abuse? Carrying out Random Testing will not only catch culprits who are misusing, but Random Testing has also been proven to act as a deterrent to substance abuse all together

‘With Cause’ Testing

Do you have reasonable suspicion to suspect Drug and/or Alcohol abuse in the workplace? Our professional staff are trained to accurately follow strict procedures and keep details confidential at all times

Test Results

We send all samples that require further analysis to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. Results are delivered quickly (from as little as 24 hours) meaning employees can be dealt with appropriately as soon as possible

Please call a member of our team on 01780 435033 to find out which analysis most suits your requirements.