Fit For Work

Rapid Fingerprint Testing

This is a Fit for Work method of Testing easily deployed throughout the workplace designed to ensure your workforce is FIT FOR WORK. This form of Testing has a detection window of up to 16 hours meaning it is considered as a workplace test as opposed to a lifestyle test.
For lifestyle Testing please look into our other methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Covid 19 safe

  • Sample collection takes approximately 1 minute removing disruption to your workforce and limited exposure to the Collection Officer
  • Donors can supply their own sample (under supervision) allowing for 2m social distancing rules
  • Face masks can be worn throughout the entire process

This drug screen method provides a responsive and practical way of supporting your drug misuse policies. This helps protect the health and safety of your workforce including customers, clients and colleagues.

This fingerprint-based system offers a safe, simple approach to drug testing that’s quick, hygienic and enables social distancing during use. Face coverings can be worn and there’s no need for close contact or handling of biohazardous body fluids.

Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridges enable a non-invasive, non-bio-hazardous approach to drug testing that’s more hygienic and simpler to administer than other tests.
Fingerprint sample collection takes seconds.

How does it work?

These Tests enable the detection of trace substances in the eccrine sweat contained in fingerprints, including drugs and drug metabolites. The Cartridge uses lateral flow assay technology and fluorescence-labelled antibodies to selectively detect specific drugs or their metabolites.

For more information on Fit For Work Testing please call a member of our team on 01780 435033.