Hair Strand Drug Testing

Hair strand testing is ideal when a longer period of detection is required. This service provides our customers with a service to test for a wide range of substances detectable in hair samples.

The benefits of choosing hair strand testing include the fact that a substance will remain detectable in a sample for quite a long time after the hair has been removed from the donor. This fact makes a long time case of drug abuse easier to establish.

This test has a non-invasive collection process proving it very difficult to cheat. Head hair is the most commonly used however samples from the body may also be taken.

Head hair grows at an average rate of 1 cm per month. Following consumption of a drug and its passage into the bloodstream, a proportion of the drug’s metabolites will enter the hair follicle. Drug use can therefore be established over a defined period depending on the length of hair selected. There are two main types of hair drug tests available: overview or segmented analysis.

hair strands

Drug Testing for court

This type of testing is widely used in the legal sector.
Did you know that if you request an ‘overview’ drugs of abuse test to cover a period of 3 months, the test may show positive for the whole 3-month period even if your client has abused drugs occasionally? This can give the impression that the sample donor had been abusing drugs for the whole period analysed.

To overcome this, we recommend a 3-month segmented legal hair drug test is undertaken.

As an example, the sample donor could show positive for 1 month and negative for the other 2 months. Therefore, a more accurate reflection of the sample donor’s drug abuse/abstinence can be presented to the court.

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