RAMS Testing Prices

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Fingerprint Testing

Drug Testing

RAMS Testing use accurate and reliable Test Kits and send any samples that need further analysis to an independent UKAS accredited Laboratory.  With a quick turnaround (from as little as 24 hours) – employees can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Individual DrugTesting Kits
RAMS Testing stock a number of Individual Drug Testing Kits. For more information Call us today: 01780 435 033

  • Accurate and Reliable Test Kits
  • Highly Skilled Staff
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Independent UKAS Accredited Laboratories

Alcohol Testing

RAMS Testing use the latest digital breathalysers that give an instant, accurate result and can be set to a specific Alcohol Level.

An Alcohol test is included with every Drug Test!

  • Digital Breathalysers
  • Instant Test Results
  • Customisable
  • Free Testing included with Drug Tests

Bespoke Policies

RAMS Testing can provide you with a bespoke, legally defend-able Drug and Alcohol policy working closely with you so that it is designed around your workplace and requirements. We can also provide you with an up to date Covid 19 Policy that is effective and easy to implement into your workforce.

Please call our friendly, experienced staff today to find out more information and get your personalised quote on 01780 435 033

  • Legally Defend-able
  • Strict Procedures
  • Expert Advice and Guidance
  • Designed specifically for your workplace