Alcohol Testing

Whether employees are drinking alcohol at work or are under the influence from consuming alcohol the night before, it can have a very damaging effect to your company. RAMS Testing carry out tests to find abusers and deter people from alcohol abuse making your workplace a better and safer place to be.

Did you know that employees who misuse Drug and/or Alcohol are more likely to:

  • Display poor performance
  • Be absent from work
  • Have a negative effect on staff morale
  • Reduce business profits
  • Increase the risk of accidents in the workplace

A strict Drug & Alcohol Policy that is implemented with Drug & Alcohol Testing is proven to reduce the misuse of substances within the workplace.

RAMS Testing carry out alcohol tests using the very latest digital breathalysers.  Alcohol levels can be set and chosen for specific industries or to coincide with the workplace Drug and Alcohol policy.

 All results are instant.